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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


THIS IS WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAYS ( transcript ) But don´t cheat, first try to understand as much as you can... W: What’s your name? P: My name is Philip. I’m from England. W: Phillip. What’s your last name Philip? P: My last name is Cluer. It’s an unusual name. Although I’m from England, and my family is English; my surname is actually French. W: How would you spell that? P: It’s C-L-U-E-R. So it’s the word clue, with an R on the end. W: Interesting. Does it have a different meaning in French? Could you translate it? Is it a word or does it have a meaning? P: It doesn’t I’m afraid. All I can tell you is that it’s a French surname that has come into my family somewhere down the line. I cannot tell you when or where, but it’s very much just a French surname, as Smith would be in England or Jones would be in Wales. W: Whereabouts in England are you from? What city? P: I was born in a city called Nottingham, which is in the midlands… in the east midlands of England. I lived there until I was eighteen years old, before I went to university. I then studied for four years in Sheffield, which is in the north of England. And after university I moved to a city called Manchester, where I lived for five years working in the real estate industry in planning and development. Source: Englishgroove

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