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Monday, 4 March 2013

WATCH A VIDEO....HOW TO COOK AN ONION OMELETTE VOCABULARY : to cook = to prepare and heat food 2. an omelette = a dish made from beaten eggs 3. first of all = to begin with / to start 4. ingredients = the individual items of food needed for the recipe 5. kitchen implements = tools that are used in the kitchen to cook and prepare food 6. a knife = an implement for cutting (a good knife is very sharp so it cuts very easily, a bad one is blunt and is not good for cutting) 7. a fork = a piece of cutlery with 3 or 4 prongs 8. beat the egg = mix the egg vigorously 9. a cheese grater = a kitchen implement used to cut food into small pieces 10. a bowl = a round, deep dish 11. to peel = to remove the skin 12. I’ll cut the end off (phrasal verb: to cut off) = I will remove the end using a knife 13. stab = puncture with the point of a sharp object, often a knife (this is usually a violent act) 14. cut it into slices = slice it (note: to slice means ‘to cut into thin pieces’, the way we cut bread.) 15. to chop = to cut into small pieces 16. to break the egg = to crack the shell of the egg 17. to fry = to cook in a pan using hot oil 18. a frying pan = a pan for cooking with hot oil 19. to pour = to move liquid from one container to another 20. healthy = good for the body 21. to burn = to overcook so that it becomes black or brown 22. to grate = to rub against the sharp edges of a grater (in order to break something into smaller pieces) 23. the wrapper = the packaging / the paper or plastic around a product 24. It’ll be alright (informal) = It will not be a problem 25. put the cheese in (phrasal verb: to put something in) = add the cheese 26. to fold the omelette over (phrasal verb: to fold something over) = to bend and double the omelette 27. fold the omelette in half = bend and double the omelette into two equal parts 28. Take it out of the pan (phrasal verb: to take something out) = remove it from the pan (more formal) 29. put it on (phrasal verb: to put something on) = place it on top off SOURCE : DAILYSTEP ENGLISH BLOG

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