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Thursday, 21 March 2013


Hi, some of you told me to post the Model for the writing I gave you in class so you can take a look at it below....HAPPY EASTER !!! David is 26 years old and he comes from Ireland. He is Irish He lives with his family in Dublin. His father is a doctor and his mum works at an important hotel. His youngest brother studies French in the evenings. He studies engineering at Dublin University. He has long black hair and dark eyes. In his free time he likes listening to music and also going to the cinema with his close friends.He usually smokes but he doesn ́t drink any alcohol. He doesn ́t like getting up early at the weekend because he is very lazy. A normal weekened for David is like this : He gets up really late, and has toast and tea for breakfast. After that he goes out and meets his friends. He spends all the day shopping and meeting friends. He goes back home very late. He loves walking and talking. His favourite time of the day is the evenings because he likes going out. He can play the guitar but he can ́t sing. He likes wearing colourful clothes but he doesn ́t like trying them on. He always buys them online Hi Mum and Dad ! At the moment I am not in Toledo , I am in Salamanca. I always travel by bus around Spain because it is cheaper than travelling by plane or train. Salamanca is a beautiful place and the people here are really friendly. I also like the weather, it is cloudy but it never rains. I am meeting a lot of people from different countries and visities a lot of interesting villages near Salamanca. Every weekend I visit a different place with my friends who are studying at University here in Salamanca. Richard is from New Zealand and Sammy is from New York. They are having a lot of fun here.Richard has long black hair and Sammy has fair hair. They are very friendly and a bit noisy. The food is delicious but I am eating too much !! and yes you are right , I don ́t like cooking so I spend all the money on food and buses. I hope to see you soon. Give my regards to my brother, is he ok ? I am also thinking about you . Take a look at the pictures I have taken. They are great. Hugs and kisses

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