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Thursday, 14 March 2013

do you need to park your car in New York ?

Parking your car in a big city is always a problem. And if you live in New York City, you can never find a place to park your car. So, here's the answer to your problem. Buy a parking space for $1 million dollars! You will never have to worry about parking fines and you will never have to talk to a police officer who is giving you a ticket. The businessman, who is selling this parking space, said that it's really good for anyone who wants to have privacy. So, if you're a famous person or an important businessman, this parking space is perfect for you! If you don't want to spend $1 million on a parking space, here are your other choices. If you like cars, for $1 million you can buy 35 cars. If you like to live in many different places, you can buy 10 regular houses. Or if you're really hungry you can buy 200,000kg of delicious Belgian chocolate. Not interested? Ok, we have other ideas. For $1 million you can invite 10 of your friends to a restaurant, everyday, for 9 years. Or you can feed 500,000 children in a poor African country for one day. Something else you can do with $1 million is build 90 schools in Angola. If you don't feel like giving your money to other people, you can spend it on yourself and live in Dubai's 5-star hotel for 3 years. Whatever you do, don't buy a parking space for $1 million. SOURCE : News

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